Friday, May 6, 2011


James and Kyle have been hard at work on film, windows, the event at sixtwelve for the Paseo Arts Festival and lots of other things, but one of the most exciting things that they've recently done is creating a logo for us! It was very interesting, going through all of the different fonts and trying to pick what we thought would best represent what we were all about.  There is psychology associated with every curve or point in letters.  I want to make sure that we put out the image of kindness, generosity and encouragement with every tiny detail of what we are doing.  Plus I want it to be welcoming to kids as well as adults, so this is what we narrowed our choice down to, after James poured over hundreds of fonts and brought me about 40 or so to look at.  I love it and I'm so proud to work with such talented, creative and brilliant guys.  Thanks James and Kyle!

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